We manufacture, supply and install a superb range of premium quality, affordable verandas for homeowners and commercial organisations across Derbyshire and surrounding counties. Created with simplicity in mind with a modern sleek design, which will never go out of style. The Veranda Traditional Alfresco has an impressive 6-metre span between posts which means your outside view will never be compromised again.

  • Enjoy Your Patio & Garden All Year Round: with friends & family, whatever the weather

  • Perfect for Outdoor Dining, Entertaining or Relaxing: A focal point for any property

  • Protect Your Outside Furniture: Without worrying about unexpected showers

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As Derbyshire’s leading specialist in outdoor living Verandas, we have a wide range to choose from including the all-new Alfresco Range, our most popular Sun 6 Veranda, which comes as standard with 6mm toughened glass roof panels. Sun 16 Veranda is our most cost-effective system with 16mm polycarbonate roof panels and our new Sun Xtra Veranda, which boasts a 4-metre projection to cover large areas. We also have Sun 35 System, which is the ideal commercial solution. You can even turn our Verandas into Glass Garden Rooms. Click the Features, Options & More Info Tabs to find out more.


  • Full 10 Year Guarantee – The Sun Alfresco is supplied with a full 10-year guarantee and a 25-year life expectancy for the canopy frame
  • Toughened Glass – The 8mm glass panels are toughened during manufacturing and achieve Class 1 BS EN 12600 for impact performance
  • Polycarbonate – The 35mm structured polycarbonate is vandal and shatter-resistant
  • Low Maintenance – All roof options are low maintenance, particularly the self-cleaning glass, which means less cleaning is required, saving you time and money
  • High Light Transmittance – All roof options offer high light transmittance
  • Available Projections – Up to a massive 6 metres
  • Simple Fixing System with Minimal Parts – For a simple and speedy installation
  • Integral Aluminium Guttering – Creates a sleek, modern design, stronger than external guttering systems and means cabling is hidden from view
  • Available on Request – Information on the design load and maximum span limits is


  • Wide Range of Colour Options – The aluminium frame can be finished to any BS or RAL colour
  • Victorian Upgrade – Enhance your structure with traditional style decorative post sleeves and allows brackets
  • Infrared Heaters – Wall Mounted Infrared Heaters can be added to the veranda to create a warm and cosy atmosphere
  • Integrated LED Lighting Available – Lighting can be added to the veranda to enable your customers to entertain when the sun goes down
  • Glass Options – 6mm clear toughened, 6mm clear self-cleaning, 6mm toughened tinted grey and blue and 6mm toughened self-cleaning tinted blue glass
  • LED Lighting & Infrared Heaters – Supplied with remote control unit
  • Contemporary 70m x 70m Square Post Available.

The all-new Alfresco Veranda Range consists of 3 very different looking structures to compliment any surrounding. Whether it’s traditional, contemporary or something a little more subtle, the Alfresco Range really does make for a stunning focal point.  All veranda structures are available with integrated LED lighting, heating, the glass room upgrade and hidden fixings.

All systems within the Alfresco range have the option to span a massive 6 metres from post to post which means that the view is never compromised. The structures create an innovative and truly beautiful range of systems that will enhance and add style and value to any home, creating a more sheltered and comfortable garden space, whatever the weather.

Alfresco veranda structures can be glazed with either 8mm toughened glass or 35mm polycarbonate sheets. The glass option offers improved acoustic properties reducing the noise of rain during a downpour as well as providing a sparkling finish which is easy to maintain. They are made completely from aluminium for ultimate longevity.

Alfresco features easy-fix clip-on profiles that will hide fixings, cabling and downpipes to give a stylish and modern look. This also means that any cabling for additional extras such as lighting, heating or even a sound system can be hidden from view with no unsightly trailing cables. Each system can be manufactured to an exact size to suit requirements and can be polyester powder coated to ANY RAL colour to suit your existing decor.

The Alfresco is supplied with a 10 year guarantee and a minimum 25 year life expectancy and many optional extras. The 3 systems on offer are the Contemporary Alfresco with its clean minimal looks, the Lifestyle Alfresco with its rounded face soft finish and the Traditional Alfresco with its ornate gutters, clip-on claddings and stunning high-end finish.

We can all agree that well-built verandas are an attraction, probably one of those features you need to complete the aesthetic puzzle in your property. Verandas sit outside a house and if they occupy the front side, chances are it’s among the things a person might see first when they visit.

Beyond that, a veranda is also important as it serves as an additional space for your house while allowing you to practice aesthetics. This is where you host guests who prefer hanging outdoors or those you do not wish to let into your main house. Made from many materials and in many designs, building a veranda may look like some tough work to do. You should, however, just sit back and let professionals put up one for you.

A structure that will meet and probably exceed your expectations. How We Do It Once you contact us, we listen to your ideas for the veranda before advising you on what to go for. We want to know your style first before suggesting what to use and how to build it. Our team visits your place to look at the location in order to arrive at where and exactly how the final structure will look like. We also want to see the available space before recommending the final design since we understand some take more space than others.

While there, our team analyzes the weather of your location putting considerations to light, shade and even humidity in order to help you choose the most appropriate materials to use. Eventually, our team advises your final decision by giving you a possible final structure that lies within your budget. Materials Used to Make Verandas in General Verandas come in all manner of material depending on your preference and other factors like budget and location.

Some of the material we use to put up your veranda include;


Glass verandas allow you to use different colours, especially for stained glass while giving your building a classy touch. Glass is versatile as it is not affected easily by weather elements such as sun or water. It is also easy to clean since wiping on a daily basis solves it for you. Using clear glass can allow you to view your compound from the inside.

Wood (not used by Sunbeam Canopies)

Verandas made from wood add an artistic twist to your building since wood can be constructed in many designs. This is because each tree has its own colour, design and it is possible for you to find different wooden materials according to colour and design preference. Unlike many other materials, wood can be painted to achieve different looks. Wood is light and absorbs sound so it is ideal in a closely built neighbourhood.

Metal (we use Aluminium)

Putting together a metal, especially steel structure takes far much less time than any other material while constructing a veranda. This is because metal parts are pre-engineered to a specific design in readiness for erection. Metallic structures are durable since metal is resistant to many wear and tear factors, including pests and decay.

Fabric (used in our Screener Veranda) Adding beauty and style to the façade of your house by hanging long curtains on the frame is a good way to go. Apart from giving character to your veranda, curtains keep the wind away and can be drawn when you want air to flow freely. Veranda curtains come in tough fabric made to withstand the weather elements while still maintain the design and colour.

To sum it up, consulting us for your veranda will give you an opportunity to learn what best suits your budget, your space, and most importantly have the best team help you with it. Contact us for our material recommendations.

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