Sometimes, a regular wooden shed, which can be great for storing your Garden Tools or Bikes is not the ideal choice for your garden, especially if you’re looking for something a little more posh. Posh Sheds are becoming more popular as lots more people in the Derby area are embracing the outdoor living way of life, so a Garden Room or Posh Shed, may be what you’re looking for…

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“Having a Posh Shed Garden Room doesn’t mean you have to be Posh, it just means you want something more upmarket, when the traditional garden shed doesn’t quite do the job”

Of course, having a Posh Shed Garden Room doesn’t make you better than anyone else, it just means your Shed or Garden Room is better than anyone else’s, which you can either keep to yourself, or share it with your family and friends if you want to.

Posh Sheds & Garden Rooms can be traditionally made, in Wood, Ply Lined and insulated and have lighting and heating installed.

Or, you can go all out, and have an aluminium structure, with glass sides, infill panels or zip screens, as shown in the image above.

An outdoor living garden room can be attached to your house, bungalow or property, or it can be freestanding anywhere in your garden, used as a retreat, or for anything you want.

You might not want to keep your Bikes or Tools in a Posh Shed or outdoor living garden room but you might want to create a hobby space, writing room, retreat or even a Bar, it’s totally up to you what you get up to in your new space.

You can have a fixed roof garden room, or you can choose a pergola type roof, with moving blades that can let the sun in when the sun is shining, or to view the stars on a clear night, or you can keep the roof blades closed, when its raining or windy.

Additional LED Lighting or Heating options can also be added to make your Posh shed Outdoor Living Garden Room even more comfortable and appealing… you’ll find yourself spending much more time outdoors, than in.

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