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Relax by yourself, or entertain your family and friends in a contemporary Glass Garden Room for your Derbyshire property. The perfect modern alternative to a traditional Conservatory. We supply & install quality aluminium garden rooms… call it a Posh Shed, Office Pod or Outdoor Living Space, what better way to spend time in your garden, all year round, in all weathers.

  • Enjoy Your Garden All Year Round: With friends & family in a Garden/Glass Room

  • Perfect for Outdoor Dining, Entertaining or Relaxing: A focal point for your garden

  • Protect Your Outside Furniture: Without worrying about unexpected showers

  • Increase The Value of Your Home: A Garden/Glass Room is a worthwhile investment

“This glass room is exactly how we imagined it to be.

The team was friendly, professional, efficient and would have them back again for any future projects for our garden, thanks so much.”

Mr. S

Your Garden Rooms Derby Based Specialist…

We proudly server Derby and surrounding areas around Derbyshire, and we welcome your enquiry for a beautiful Garden Room, which can be supplied in a size to suit your specific requirements and to your bespoke taste, perfectly designed to compliment your house, bungalow, property or home. Our Garden Rooms can be configured to your choice, with lighting, heating, screens, sliding glass doors, perfectly suite for your outside space and the usage you have in mind, for your new garden room.

“As your local specialist for Aluminium Canopies, Carports, Glass Verandas & Garden Rooms, Gazebos & Pergolas,  we offer FREE no obligation quotes, and we are seeking new Customers in Swadlincote, South Derbyshire and surrounding areas, contact our friendly team now for info & prices”

Glass & Garden Rooms FAQ

What are Garden Rooms?2019-08-25T09:04:05+00:00

A garden room by definition, is a room in your garden, which sounds obvious we now, but as more an more people are wanting to use their outside space, the term ‘garden room’ has become popular. For some, moving home is not an option to get an extra room, so the ideal option is to move outside, to gain the extra room.

What are Garden Rooms made of?2019-08-25T09:04:57+00:00

Traditionally, a Garden Room would be made from a timber construction, which would be insulated and cladded like a shed, and then preserved or painted, with a felt or tiles roof. The framework of our garden rooms are manufactured from Aluminium, with the option for aluminium roof blades, glass or polycarbonate roof panels or side panels. We can also provide fabric zip screen sides for some of our garden rooms. Our garden rooms are maintenance free, so you don’t have to worry about painting or upkeep.

What are garden rooms used for?2019-08-25T09:04:44+00:00

Some garden rooms can be used to live in, with heating, plumbing and ventilation. As standard, our garden rooms are more suited for those who want to use their garden room for activities associated with outdoor living. They are ideal for relaxing in a comfortable area in your garden, such as a retreat away from the everyday environment indoors, so a great place to unwind.

You can use your garden room as a hobby space, for writing, reading or planning in quiet. Other uses include: outdoor gym, home office, a space to entertain your friends and family, whatever the weather.

Or maybe an outdoor bar, or space to invite your book club friends, whatever you’re into, it’s up to you.

We provide heating and lighting options for our garden rooms, so the possibilities are endless.

Are garden rooms worth it?2019-08-25T09:05:40+00:00

Absolutely! In terms of cost, because our glass rooms are manufactured as a kit, this keeps the cost down for you and ensures a speedy installation, which means you’re not inconvenienced as our team will be in and out quickly, when installing your garden room.

If you were to move home to get the extra space you needed, all of the associated costs involved in the move alone would cost a fortune, compared to having a fantastic garden room installed.

Putting the costs to one side for a moment, if you are unable to enjoy your hobby as much as you could, or spend the time focusing on what’s important to you, because you do not have the space, or peace and quiet you need to get your stuff done, then that in itself is a great reason to invest in a garden room.

Will a garden room add value to my property?2019-08-25T09:06:28+00:00

Definitely, at the end of the day, a garden room will add functionality and extra space, so when it comes to selling your property, these are one of the factors that is going to determine how your property compares to other similar properties in your area and in your price bracket.

A potential buyer looks for many things, and if they can see how the garden room you installed can impact their life, in terms of having more room to do the things they love to do, it’s going to help secure your sale, as your neighbouring properties may not be offering the benefits that come from having a garden room.

Can garden rooms be attached to a house?2019-08-25T09:07:05+00:00

Yes, our garden rooms can be both freestanding, which can be placed anywhere in your garden, or wall mounted, so attached to the side or rear of your property, so whatever your looking for, we can accomodate, no problem.

Can garden rooms be moved?2019-08-25T08:47:59+00:00

Whilst most traditional garden rooms cannot be moved, due to their construction, if you wanted to remove our garden room that is certainly possible as our glass rooms are kit based, so taking it down and rebuilding it is certainly an option.

Can it be used as a conservatory alternative or posh shed?2019-08-25T09:00:16+00:00

If you’re looking for a Contemporary Conservatory Alternative or Posh Shed, then our garden rooms are ideal…

As mentioned in our Posh Sheds article in our Blog, maybe you’re the type of person that likes something a little different for your home.

If you’re looking for a conservatory, without having a traditional conservatory like everybody else, you may want to consider a contemporary conservatory alternative, such as a Glass Garden Room.

A contemporary conservatory alternative comes with many of the benefits of having a conservatory, but without some of the drawbacks…

A traditional conservatory looks just that, traditional, but if you’re looking for something more contemporary, a Sunbeam Canopies Glass and Garden Room is the perfect alternative to consider.

Apart from the obvious wow factor that comes with having a Glass Room in your Garden instead of a Conservatory, the structure is made from Aluminium, which is recyclable, and much more longer lasting than traditional PVC that makes up the majority of Conservatory structures.

Also, you can have sliding doors all around your Glass Garden Room, and keep them open during hot summer days, which will keep the temperature of your extra space much lower, when compared to a Conservatory.

As you can see from the images in our gallery on this page, our contemporary conservatory alternative glass rooms can be supplied in any number of designs, with lots of options and colours to suit your property.